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Still summer in Turangi.
Sun 19th March, 2017

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We may be well into March already but we've enjoyed some wonderful summer-like weather in Turangi this week. Mind you, if you're on the river at first light the dawn chill quickly reminds you summer is over.

As a further reminder the first of the early autumn mushrooms are making an appearance and in a couple of weeks the tracks along the river will be dotted with fly agaric and white basket fungi.

Last weeks fresh kick started some excellent fishing, both for rainbows and browns but the brown trout fishing in particular has been extraordinary. Last year many of the browns caught were between five and seven pounds. So far this year they're up in both condition and size and I've been lucky enough to land some crackers, especially the last few weeks.

There seem to be more browns around this year and although I've encountered them as far up as Big Bend all of the well known "hot spots" from the lower river up are holding these imposing looking fish. At the moment its still difficult to go past some of the town and middle river stretches and places like Judges, the Island Pool, Rip, Hydro, Cicada and Stag are all worth trying.

I don't "wet line" but every one of the tried and trusted nymphing techniques are working. If you fancy using something a little different try spider patterns under the big dry.

These simple "nothing looking" flies have been around since the 1800's and the development of the fly makes interesting reading North Country Spider

Before the old Braids was taken from us I sometimes used to fish them in the traditional way through the lovely runs and riffles that were such a feature of that stretch of river back then. The Oliver Edwards series of videos entitled "Essential Skills" provide an excellent insight into the set-up and technique of fishing North Country Spiders. Upstream Nymphing and North Country Spider And despite the fact that "the Braids" are no longer with us there are still plenty of places on the river where this method will work.

My fishing buddy Mike of Fransham's Fancy Flies gave me a few of his spider patterns to try a week or two ago. But because I like to chase browns in the slower water at this time of year I've been dead drifting them under the big dry with great results.

Its the same setup that I've mentioned dozens of times before. But remember it has to be a fairly substantial dry fly because its got to hold up a 3mm tungsten bead-head middle fly without sinking.

And depending where you're fishing, sometimes the point fly may also have to be slightly weighted.

So ... don't be shy with the dry. {that rhymes}

I find a size 12 or 14 works best for the middle fly ... which is always some sort of caddis pupa. With whatever you're using below it generally tied on a size 14 or 16.

If you're interested in giving "spiders" a go Davie McPhail is a great source of inspiration and this easy to tie pattern works well. Olive Spider
Right ... that'll do. The sun is shining and my darling is back from church so I'd better get outside and join her in the back garden for an hour or two.

More fresh running rainbows caught again this week with some nice fish amongst them.

The river looks fantastic and everything is working, I've even had a few take the dry.

With a better than average chance of clocking a good brown it doesn't get any better.

The "summer weather" is with us until Wednesday, then more rain forecast for the second half of this week.

I'll be after salmo trutta again in the morning.

See you out there

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